Rainbow Six: Siege E3 Accolades Trailer

  Leave it to Ubisoft to surprise you in the most pleasant of ways every E3. When the deliciously tactical Rainbow Six Siege was unveiled to the public at E3 this year, it was treated with applause, and why wouldn’...


Tekken 7 Formally Revealed Via Trailer

Great news for Tekken fans as the seventh entry in the main Tekken series has just been revealed through a trailer that hints at Heihachi’s return. There are many interesting tidbits in the trailer, with the main female...


E3 Far Cry 4 Interview – Who Is Pagan Min?

Over at the Ubisoft Official Blog, they have released an interesting interview regarding the ruthless antagonist Pagan Min, which you will be facing in Far Cry 4 as Ajay Ghale. So, go ahead and give the video above a look, ...


Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Teaser Trailer, Out Today

Battlefield 4′s latest multiplayer DLC Dragon’s Teeth has just gotten a teaser trailer, in which you will get to see the hecticness at offer with this downloadable pack. This DLC takes place in cities across Asi...


Video Review: Xenonauts [PC]

Xenonauts is an absolutely fantastic strategy game heavily influenced by the likes of X-COM and fans of the series will no doubt enjoy it thoroughly as it’s more of an updated throw-back to the older games as opposed to the n...


‘Metrocide’ Looks Oddly Interesting

Metrocide reminds me of those classic top-down shoot-em-ups inspired by the old school Grand Theft Autos, and that is a damn good thing in my opinion. In this game, you get to play as legendary contract killer T. J. Trench...


Making Of: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Episode 1

  This nicely shot video documents the making of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, namely how 2K Games in Texas Collaborated with 2K Australia to create some dynamically rich content for the Borderlands series. This is only ...


Horror Fans Might Want To Keep Their Eye On ‘Claire’

If anyone of you loved The Lone Survivor (we sure did), you may want to keep your eye on an upcoming survival horror game called, Claire. I’ll be honest with you, if it wasn’t for my friend/colleague Barry here, ...


#E3 Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Gameplay & New Gen Release On Its Way?

Straight from last month’s E3 event, we have gotten some new walkthrough footage of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, in which you get to see some of the features unique to the Enforcer class, it also comes with a peek at its ...


Video Review: 4pm [PC]

4pm is something I first assumed would be along the lines of The Stanley Parable or Ether One, but I was very wrong. The game is advertised as a “short, narrative driven game”, that being quite literally all it is. I co...

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