Emergency 5

Emergency 5 Trailer Released

  I have always been a fan of the Emergency games, as they are actually pretty educational if you pay attention to their rule books, in regards to how the emergency units respond, what are the top priorities, the equipme...

Sleeping Dogs

Triad Wars Revealed & It Looks Interesting

Everyone was excited about United Front’s Triad Wars reveal, hoping that it would be the sequel to the action-packed Sleeping Dogs. However after the reveal last week that it would be an online game, a lot of gamers...


Pathologic Is Coming Back & It Needs Your Help

  2005’s underrated surreal horror experience is getting a remake courtesy of ICE-PICK Lodge. However, in order to do so, it needs your help via Kickstarter in order to secure enough development funds. At the momen...


Watch Sir Hamelock & Torgue Explain Borderlands Pre-Sequel

  2K’s upcoming game, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has just gotten an adrenaline pumping new trailer, narrated by the fan favorite Torgue and Sir Hamelock. In it, they go on about what kind of explosive entertainmen...


Check Out Battlefield Hardline’s Exciting New Hotwire Mode

  Hold on to your seats, as EA and Visceral have just released a brand new teaser for Battlefield: Hardline that focuses on the game’s vehicle focused mode, Hotwire. In this mode, you aren’t steeling cash or ...


Video Preview: World Of Diving

World of Diving is a first person diving and exploration game with challenge elements. In its current state, it’s quite clearly Early Access, missing a large portion of content and functions, although what is there is looking...


Far Cry 4 PAX Arena Trailer

  Ubisoft has released an Arena trailer from Far Cry 4, which appears to be a horde mode. So far, this mode makes sense in a hectic game like Far Cry 4, where you are given numerous methods of disposing your enemies.  ...


Making Of: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Episode 3

  This nicely shot video documents the making of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, namely how 2K Games in Texas collaborated with 2K Australia to create some dynamically rich content for the Borderlands series. This is the thir...

My 5 Personal Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power Ups 950390

Cameron’s Five Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power-Ups

Mario Kart is a lot of fun with the power-ups, too bad they can’t all be winners.

Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance: Flashback Release Date & Release Date

Developer Full Control has just announced the official launch date for Jagged Alliance: Flashback as October 21st, 2014. Furthermore, an update has released called Tactical Overload for the game in Early Access, which enhance...

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