Video Review: Alpha Kimori – Episode 1 [PC]

Alpha Kimori: Episode 1 is the first instalment of a three-part narratively-focused JRPG series, brought to you by Sherman3D. While it boasts highly in the way of narrative and gameplay, how well does it compare to the other ti...

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Why inFamous Second Son’s Soundtrack Will Be Amazing

Made possible due to the amazing collaboration between not two but three talented composers, the returning Brain, Marc Canham and… (Drumroll Please) Nathan Johnson, the soundtrack to inFamous: Second Son looks to be ...


Video Preview: Meltdown [PC/Android/iOS]

Meltdown is a refreshing new take on the isometric shooter genre and I was pleasantly surprised how well it pulled it off. While at a glance it looks fairly generic, once I got into the game I could not believe how much fun it ...


Video Review: Cypress Inheritance – The Beginning [PC/Android/iOS]

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning is a first person exploration game brought to you by the confusingly named Cypress Inheritance, which involves elements of stealth and an open world, or at least it would be if it actually wor...


Video Review: Diehard Dungeon [PC]

Diehard Dungeon is a real time rogue-like by Tricktale that offers a ‘crunchy pixel’ aesthetic set in a dark a dreary dungeon. While it features everything you might expect from a title of this genre, such as randomly gener...

South Park Achievement Guide Image

Achievement Guides – South Park: Stick Of Truth [Xbox360]

Adam shows you how to get the Acceptance achievement which requires you to accept your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself. Adam shows you how to get the Are We Cool? achievement which required you to find Jesus as a ...


Video Review: Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition [PC]

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD is the up-scaled retelling of the widely regarded best instalment of the Resident Evil franchise. While it may have been revolutionary almost a decade ago in terms of third person survival horror whi...


Abyss Odyssey Revealed

You all know I have a thing for dark games right? I just love the hopeless atmosphere. Well, lucky for me and some of you who happen to be as “psychotic” as me, a new dark game has been revealed by ACE Team (Zeno Clash Fran...


El Presidente Introduces You To The World Of Tropico 5

Tropico is one of the most successful building management franchises of all time, and rightfully so as with all its new additions, it adds something unique and interesting to the city simulation space. Now, about to make a com...


Defense Grid 2 Now Confirmed For The PS4 And Xbox One

Originally coming out for only the PC, Defense Grid 2 has been now confirmed to be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. As you all know, the sequel project began after the failed kickstarter for Defense Grid: The Awakening, but i...