My List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games950390

Cameron’s List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games

While it’s true that many of these sounds serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they should make you want to make mute your TV or handheld. Enjoy.


Middle Earth – Shadow Of Mordor Gets A New Behind The Scenes Trailer

  Not a week passes before we get another trailer or some kind of feature from Monolith games regarding Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Following that trend is the brand new Behind The Scenes feature for the talented vo...


Metro Redux – Uncovered Trailer Compares New & Old Versions

  4A Games have just released a brand new trailer for Metro: Redux that clearly and straightforwardly states what we will be getting in this revamped version, ranging from graphical to gameplay enhancements. Now, the ori...


Making Of: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Episode 2

This nicely shot video documents the making of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, namely how 2K Games in Texas Collaborated with 2K Australia to create some dynamically rich content for the Borderlands series. This is only the first e...

Far Cry 4 FI

Far Cry 4 – Bringing Kyrat to Life

One thing that definitely gives away how the final version of a game is going to be, is how much work has been put into it. With the looks of it, Far Cry 4 is going to be something spectacular considering how much effort the d...


Dying Light GamesCom Trailer Showcases 4 Player Co-op

Warner Bros and Techland have just released an exciting new trailer for Dying Light, that shows some really interesting features including 4 Player Co-op action. So far, the game looks to be shaping up good with some really a...

aston Villa

FIFA 2015 To Have All 20 Premier League stadiums

Great news for FIFA fans, as Fifa 2015 will be including all 20 Premier League Stadiums including our very own editor Richard’s beloved Villa Park Stadium. The news come after the image above was teased earlier today, lat...


Resident Evil Remake Announced

Great news for Resident Evil fans, as it has just been confirmed that the classic game we can thank for pushing survival horror gaming into spotlight, Resident Evil will be getting a remake, and when they say remake, boy do th...


Mortal Kombat X – Raidan Character Variation Gameplay

Warner Bros. and Nether Realm studios have released a brand new gameplay trailer today that is all about the mighty thunder god, Raiden. Narrated by the game’s creative director Ed Boon, the trailer shows you the variatio...


The Witcher 3 Comic Con Backstage Look

Here is a little behind the scenes look at the Comic Con presentation of The Witcher 3. In The Witcher 3, for the last time, you will don the role of master witcher Geralt as he goes against his most sinister foe, The Wild Hu...

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