Video Review: Fractured Soul [PC]

Fractured Soul is a platformer with elements of precision and puzzle platforming, which involves switching between two separate dimensions to overcome various obstacles and challenges. It sounds intriguing in theory, but is it ...


Check Out Tekken 7’s Intro

  Now even though we do have subtitles for the clip, I am just gonna assume they are basically arguing about who can hit harder first. This clip serves as the intro to Tekken 7, which itself will release later this year on...


Harold Is One Game To Look Out For

Set to release in just a few days on the 14th of February, Harold looks to be such a promising puzzler, one that unfortunately isn’t getting the attention it deserves. It not only has really interesting mechanics, but p...


Video Review: Astray [PC]

Astray is a first person horror and puzzle game, quite a unique blend that hasn’t been experimented too much before. So does Astray succeed in blending the likes of these two genres, or does it fail to live up to those readil...


Kholat Gets A Release Date, New Trailer & Some Screenshots

  The Dyatlov Pass incident was absolutely bone chilling, as no one to this day knows just what exactly happened. Now Kholat, a videogame which is based upon that tragic event aims to use a supernatural twist, all so wh...


Video Preview: Undead Shadows

Undead Shadows is an upcoming zombie-survival horde game by Ignition Games. Does it have the potential to be the next Killing Floor? Absolutely not, find out why in the video preview and first impressions below. A video revie...


Video Preview: Ratz Instagib

It’s sure been a while since I’ve been able to play instagib in multiplayer; heck, the last online match of that I remember was UT 2004 in around 2009. So, over half a decade later, it appears instagib may be on the rise ag...


Grim Fandango Remastered Gets its Release Trailer & New Screenshots

After a decade of waiting, Grim Fandango has finally returned with a remastered version and to commemorate that fact, a release trailer and some new screenshots have been released. The game is now available as Cross-Buy on PS4...


Check Out Brand New The Witcher 3 Gameplay & Images

Here are 15 minutes of gameplay footage from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and boy is it still looking amazing.  This was taken at a hands-on event and you get to see just how breathtakingly beautiful the world is going to be! F...

Night Cry

New Night Cry Screenshots & PC Kickstarter Is Now Live

  We have finally got a hint as to what the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series will look like with Night Cry via some all new screenshots, and boy does it look moody. Apparently the game will take place on a...

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