The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter PC Release Date & New Gameplay

  Boy does this game keep surprising me. The Astronauts (no, that isn’t a British boy band) has just released 13 minutes worth of commented gameplay from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and they have also revealed t...

Far Cry 4 FI

Far Cry 4 – Designing An Open World

  We have gotten a brand new dev diary for Far Cry 4 that deals with the design philosophies of the game’s open world and what the Devs had in minds for the players. One interesting thing I have noted though, is th...


Beep – A History Of Game Sound Gets A Kickstarter

  Recently, a Kickstarter campaign has been started for Beep – A History of Game Sound, which will be a documentary and book set, that will take viewers on a rich audio-visual journey through the history of game mu...


This Is What The Standard Edition Of The Witcher 3 Will Include

  Now believe it or not, if it was some other developer, this would have a fancy limited edition name (likely exclusive to a certain retailer) and stamped with a higher price. However, this is CDPR, who are making sure ...


Check Out 35 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Fresh out of Gamescom, CD Projekt Red and Bandai Namco has released 35 minutes worth of gameplay from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In these 35 minutes, you are bound to get a good taste of the game, so sit back, relax and clic...


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Gets A Fantastic New Trailer

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has just gotten a new fantastic trailer, that is played to a highly fitting, Come With Me Now by Kongos. The Last Hope trailer shows us the brief reasons why our unlikely heroes are helping to s...


Video Review: Another Perspective [PC]

Another Perspective is a short puzzle platformer experience, reminiscent of the likes of Braid. It’s main mechanic being the alternate perspective of other characters you can switch between on the screen, much like The Swappe...


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gets A New Trailer

Released yesterday is (surprise) another trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. One that deals with the variety of enemies you will face, all twisted in their own unique ways. The game will release this October, for the P...


#GAMESCOM Battlefield: Hardline Campaign Level Walkthrough

At this year’s E3, EA and Visceral were generous enough to show some gameplay from the campaign of, Battlefield: Hardline. In this segment, we follow Nick Mendoza and Marcus as they are captured by a crazy arms dealer, ...

My List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games950390

Cameron’s List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games

While it’s true that many of these sounds serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they should make you want to make mute your TV or handheld. Enjoy.

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