The New Infamous Second Son Update Is Out

Early this month we were promised an awesome update for inFamous Second Son. An update that among other things, would add the ability to change the timing of the day, provided you had completed the main story that is. However,...


Tropico 5 Can Now Be Pre-Purchased On Steam

Great news Tropico fans as Tropico 5 is now available for pre-purchase on steam. In fact, it is utilizing pre-purchase rewards, where after each stage, new items will be unlocked. Having enough pre-orders to unlock stage 1 w...


Video Review: Escape Goat 2 [PC]

Escape Goat 2 is a puzzle platformer and a direct follow up to the original Escape Goat, but has it really stepped up its game from the original or is it more of the same and how does it compare to other puzzle platformers?


Watch Dogs Looks Absolutely Amazing On PC

Ubisoft has collaborated with the GPU juggernaut Nvidia, in order to bring PC gamers the best Watch_Dogs experience that is as beautiful, as it is smooth. To showcase what the PC version will offer, they have released a new t...

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart – All Access Trailer

The upcoming story DLC for Batman Arkham Origins, Cold,Cold Heart has just gotten a new trailer where the developers talk about what went into making the DLC. Furthermore, it also showcases the gameplay elements unique to thi...


New Hotline Miami 2 Trailer Released

Dennation games and Devlover digital have just r… Oh dear god, is that a CHAINSAW ? Wait… there’s dual wielding of weapons too now ? Is that… is that co-op?!!! How do I even describe this much epicness? ...


Check Out How Dark Souls II Plays On PC

A thread had popped up on Reddit that apparently showed an in-game graphic settings image from the PC version of Dark Souls II. According to it, the game would’ve allowed you to toggle between various options ranging from...


Video Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD [PC/PS3/X360]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD is not only one of the latest so-called “HD” ports, but also takes the Castlevania franchise back to it’s roots of a 2D platformer. Mirror of Fate was originally released o...


Video Review: Goat Simulator [PC]

Akradon presents his first 5 minute review of the recently released Goat Simulator!! Be gentle!! Out on the 1st April 2014, this goat has caused quite a stir in the gaming community! Baaa Baaa Baaaaa!!!


Iron Galaxy Has Taken Over The Development Of Killer Instinct

As we all know, Double Helix Games was recently acquired by Amazon, leaving them uncapable of continuing work on Killer Instinct. So, the game’s development responsibility has been handed over to Iron Galaxy, who will be...