Video Preview: World Of Diving

World of Diving is a first person diving and exploration game with challenge elements. In its current state, it’s quite clearly Early Access, missing a large portion of content and functions, although what is there is looking...


Far Cry 4 PAX Arena Trailer

  Ubisoft has released an Arena trailer from Far Cry 4, which appears to be a horde mode. So far, this mode makes sense in a hectic game like Far Cry 4, where you are given numerous methods of disposing your enemies.  ...


Making Of: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Episode 3

  This nicely shot video documents the making of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, namely how 2K Games in Texas collaborated with 2K Australia to create some dynamically rich content for the Borderlands series. This is the thir...

My 5 Personal Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power Ups 950390

Cameron’s Five Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power-Ups

Mario Kart is a lot of fun with the power-ups, too bad they can’t all be winners.

Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance: Flashback Release Date & Release Date

Developer Full Control has just announced the official launch date for Jagged Alliance: Flashback as October 21st, 2014. Furthermore, an update has released called Tactical Overload for the game in Early Access, which enhance...


Firewatch Looks To Be Mesmerising

Now this is a beautiful game that has popped up out of nowhere, called Firewatch. Basically, in this game, you play as a fire lookout ranger who has to keep an eye out for forest fires and report any unusual sightings he may ...

Haunted House

Haunted House Gets A Teaser & Some Concept Art

  Atari has finally released the trailer to the upcoming Haunted House remake and boy is it sounding absolutely interesting so far. Created by the developer’s of the beautiful game Anna, Haunted House will follo...


Sherlock Holmes – Crimes & Punishment Gets A New Trailer

  The latest trailer for Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishment, focuses on the interrogation methods players will come across while playing the game. It is based on the trademark Sherlock Sense, where the master ...


The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter PC Release Date & New Gameplay

  Boy does this game keep surprising me. The Astronauts (no, that isn’t a British boy band) has just released 13 minutes worth of commented gameplay from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and they have also revealed t...

Far Cry 4 FI

Far Cry 4 – Designing An Open World

  We have gotten a brand new dev diary for Far Cry 4 that deals with the design philosophies of the game’s open world and what the Devs had in minds for the players. One interesting thing I have noted though, is th...

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