Reviewed Shovel Knight 950 390

Video Review: Shovel Knight [WiiU]

Does Shovel Knight dig up classic gaming goodness or dig itself into a rut? Let's find out in our review!


Video Review: Super Smash Bros. [WiiU/3DS]

On the back of a successful year for the Wii U, we find out how the latest Super Smash Bros. game performs on the Wii U. Could this be the game to make you get a Wii U? Find out in our review.


Video Preview: The Deer God

The Deer God is a perma-death platformer in which you assume the role of a deer, and you must grow and survive in the harsh world presented before you. The world might appear beautiful and vibrant, but it seems almost everythin...

kholat fi

Sean Bean Joins Cast Of Horror Title “Kholat”

  The maestro of dying… I mean acting; Sean Bean has joined the beautiful horror game, Kholat. IMGN.PRO are extremely excited to share this news, and the co-author of the game, and the co-owner of the company, Luka...


Godzilla Brings Destruction To The PS3 & PS4

  Godzilla will make its way to the west and will feature Godzilla’s legendary characters such as Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla. For those of you wondering, the game and design is based on the original ...


Video Review: The Old City – Leviathan [PC]

The Old City boasts to tell a story in a non-traditional manner, which is certainly something that intrigued me. It is without a doubt that it falls into the recently established walking-simulator genre, but by no means is this...


Jason Graves Scoring The Order: 1886

  It has been a fantastic time to be Jason Graves’ fan, as he’s been busy scoring big name titles such as Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Evolved. Now, another one of his projects has been ...


Video Preview: Soul Axiom

Soul Axiom is the new first person adventure by the developers behind Master Reboot, something I particularly enjoyed for the most-part, but wasn’t without its problems. So has Wales Interactive managed to improve on the mist...


Video Review: Valkyria Chronicles [PC]

Valkyria Chronicles was critically hailed on the Playstation 3, and rightly so, but does it stand up to the expectations of 2014 on PC, or is it simply another poor attempt at a last-gen port? Find out our full thoughts in the ...

BF Final Stand

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Detailed

  Get ready to make the Final Stand in Battlefield 4’s DLC conclusion. Offering all new maps, including the Siberian, blizzard-ridden Operation Whiteout – and the thrilling Hammerhead, which lets you fight aroun...

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