Ostrich Island

Video Review: Ostrich Island – Escape From The Paradise [PC]

Ever wanted to know what being a magnificent Ostrich feels like? Well, now you can finally poke your head in every hole with MeDungeon Ltd's Ostrich Island, where you are given an entire island to play and roam as an ostrich. H...


Far Cry 4 – Valley Of The Yetis DLC Gameplay

  In case you wanted to see exactly what goes on in Far Cry 4’s latest Valley of the Yeti’s DLC, here is a brief gameplay section from it with the commentators highlighting some of the DLC’s features. The...


Battlefield Hardline – Launch Trailer

  Say what you want about the multiplayer component for Battlefield Hardline, but you have to admit that the campaign looks really interesting, especially due to the amazing team of both actors and writers, as showcased i...


Video Review: Roundabout [PC/Xbox One]

While it doesn't look anything special upon first glance, Roundabout is a hilarious and intriguing experience. A whacky concept and brilliant characters make for an enjoyable experience.


Check Out 17 Minutes Of Firewatch

Firewatch is one of the games that I have kept a dedicated eye on, and now, after watching the video, I can’t wait to play it. From the video so far, the dialogue and writing looks really good, and things are apparently ...


Battlefield Hardline Premium Outlined

When Battlefield: Hardline releases, and you like what you play, you can opt in for a Premium service which will end up saving you money on the game’s planned upcoming expansion packs and DLC (assuming you already pl...


Video Preview: Besige

Besiege is a puzzle sandbox game in which you must build weird and wacky inventions to complete certain objectives, normally involving some form of destruction. One thing that Early Access games normally warrants an “avoid”...


Video Review: Undead Shadows [PC]

A great game to gift to someone you hate!

My List of the 5 Best Apologies in the Gaming Industry 950 390

Cameron’s List Of The 5 Best Apologies In The Gaming Industry

  Hopefully the industry learns something from how these 5 entries handled their mistakes. Hey we’re all human and even the pros can screw up royally from time to time, so which ones set a good example? Guess youR...


Video Review: Fractured Soul [PC]

Fractured Soul is a platformer with elements of precision and puzzle platforming, which involves switching between two separate dimensions to overcome various obstacles and challenges. It sounds intriguing in theory, but is it ...

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