Nvidia Shows of Rainbow Six Siege PC-Only features In Latest Trailer

  Rainbow Six: Siege is releasing next week, so Nvidia and Ubisoft have published a new trailer that showcases the exclusive features in the PC version of the title. In the video above you will see the games use of tempo...


Sega Give Valkyria Chronicles Another Shot

Valkyria Chronicles was an early cult hit on the PlayStation 3. So early that it doesn’t even have trophy support. Since the first game was released there’s been an anime and manage off shoot as well as two PSP onl...

Just Cause 3 FI2

New Trailers Released for Just Cause 3

  Two brand new trailers have been released for Just Cause 3 and they both are absolutely breathtaking, the first one even more so as it gives you a glimpse of the game running at extreme 4K settings, a setting no doubt ...


Are You a Fan of Independent Wrestling? Like Videogames? WELL THEN!

Wrestling games aren’t anything new. In fact these days they’re just the same thing again and again due to the only thing coming out being the WWE 2K series (


Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain Collection dated for PS4, Beyond arriving this month

  Courtesy of the PlayStation Blog, Beyond: Two Souls has been dated for the PS4.  It will be arriving via the PSN Store on November 26th.  The retail collection which includes Heavy Rain has also been dated for March 2n...

Gared bear-1

Game of Thrones Ep6 Season Finale Trailer

  The finale to Telltale Games Game of Thrones is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Smartphone/Tablet devices, and to mark the occasion, an epic season finale trailer has been released. With the House ...

battlefront featured imgae

Star Wars Battlefront gets an epic Live-Action Trailer

  As you may be well aware, Star Wars Battlefront is about to be released relatively soon and to commemorate that fact, here is a brand new trailer for the game. The trailer is live-action and features the talented Anna...


#BlizzCon2015: Overwatch Gets Release Details and New Gameplay Trailer

Blizzard’s new Team Fortress-esq FPS Overwatch has finally been given a release date, platforms it’s coming to, some pricing and a new gameplay trailer. Fresh from last weekends BlizzCon event, the game will be rel...


Commander passes the torch over to Mass Effect: Andromeda

In case you didn’t know on November 7th it was N7 day, which is the celebratory day for all things Mass Effect related.  So with the forthcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, the folks at BioWare thought they would seize the oppor...


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Nightmare Campaign Trailer

With the main campaign, the Shadows of Evil campaign and of course the competitive multiplayer, it’s easy to forget that Black Ops 3 has another campaign (of sorts).  The Nightmare campaign is unlocked after the completion o...

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