Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct Announced For Thursday

Nintendo of America have tweeted a time and a place for a new Nintendo Direct, dedicated solely to Bayonetta 2. It airs at 3PM PT or 11PM GMT in the UK. Expect more details on the game’s online mode, as well as additional...


Assassin’s Creed: Unity & AC: Rogue Screenshots

Ubisoft has released some new screenshots for both Assassin’s Creed: Unity (PC, PS4, Xbox One) and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (PS3, Xbox 360).  Interestingly one of the AC: Unity images potentially shows a love interest for p...


Destiny – Google Earth Trailer (Yes I said Google Earth)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the Destiny Planetary system using the Google Earth technology?  Well of course you have and, in which case you’re in luck my fellow galaxy adventurer, as Bungie, Activ...


Hellblade – Developer Diary – The Announcement & Art Inspiration

At this year’s Gamescom an exciting new game called Hellblade was announced that is being developed by Ninja Theory, the team behind Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and 2013’s rebooted Devil May Cry.  You ca...


Resident Evil HD – Latest Screenshots

Yesterday the first gameplay trailer for Resident Evil HD was revealed, showing off the impressive and re-worked HD visuals.  The gameplay trailer was announced alongside the announcement that Resident Evil HD and Resident Evi...


Game Review: inFamous: First Light [PS4]

inFamous: First Light offers a decent amount of content, and a new take on the neon powers experience in Second Son. Check out our review to see why this is a worthy add-on.


Teslagrad Arriving On Wii U eShop September 11th

Rain Games have announced the Wii U release date of their puzzle-platformer game, Teslagrad, arriving to the European and North American eShops September 11th for £13.99 / $14.99. The Wii U version features new controls and Of...


Game Review: Lego Ninjago – Nindroids [PS VITA/3DS]

Oh wow, A LEGO NINROIDS GAME? Wait... what the heck is this?


Team 17′s Flockers Heading To PS4 and Xbox One

Team17, the creators of the cult-classic Worms series, have today announced that one of their latest games will be heading to the PS4 and Xbox One. Puzzle title Flockers is currently in Early Access and the final version of the...


Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Gameplay Demo Released

A new gameplay video for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell  has been released, and it shows off several of the upcoming expansion’s new features. The most interesting part of the video, other than watching Johnny Gat roll aro...

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