Game Review: WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 delivers the biggest roster ever in a WWE videogame, but with only one Showcase campaign, will this year’s instalment deserve to be tagged in for another year?


Game Review: Broforce

A humorous action packed romp. Very silly, and bags of fun.


Opinion: Bethesda’s Lifeless Worlds (Fallout 4 Spoilers)

Videogames, always have been, and always will be restrained by the contemporary technology on which they are built on, and for this simple reason will never tick all the boxes. However, some developers, including the eternally ...


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS3 Trophy List Revealed

PlayStation Trophy collection website, Exophase, has recently released a Trophy list (click the list to see Trophy link) for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for PlayStation 3. Surprisingly, game will feature a Platinum trop...


Bit.Trip Developers Reveal Their Next Game is Coming to PS4

Choice Provisions, the team behind the Bit.Trip series, announced just before Thanksgiving that they have a new game coming out on January 12th. It seems like quite the departure from their original retro style game, and it...


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Receives a Debut Trailer

The Disaster Report series is a franchise I have always kept an eye on. Over here the first game was called SOS: The Final Escape and it became one of my favourite games on the PS2. I was so excited to play Raw Danger tha...


Dying Light Season Pass set for price hike ahead of The Following release

With the Dying Light season pass being currently priced at £15.99 and with the forthcoming expansion on the horizon, the price of the season pass is excellent value when you consider that The Following is included (along with ...


Batman: Arkham Knight November content available now

  The November Content for Batman: Arkham Knight is available now for season pass holders, which includes Arkham Episodes Catwoman’s Revenge and Robins Flip of a Coin.  Various skins are also now available which include...


Retro City Rampage gets a 16-bit sequel with Shakedown Hawaii

After three years the 8-bit inspired retro shooter Retro City Rampage is getting a 16-bit sequel with Shakedown Hawaii.  Developed once more by Vblank Entertainment, Shakedown Hawaii takes place 30 years after the original ga...


Destiny’s refer-a-friend scheme is now live!

  Do you want a cool looking Emblem, Sparrow, Sword, Shader and Emotes?  Of course you do fellow Guardian and how may you acquire this content I hear you ask?  Well unfortunately it won’t be available to everyone and t...

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