Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer, features Modern Warfare Remastered footage!

Activision has now officially let the cat out of the bag with the debut trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and it looks awesome! I’ll be the first to admit, as much as I want a WWI or WWII setting, or even Vietnam, I ...


“We are your enemy” new Call of Duty teaser infiltrates Black Ops 3, trailer out tomorrow?

Last week Call of Duty largely took up most of the gaming news with the Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered leaks and this week looks to be no exception.  However, this week’s news is official and has come via a t...


Huge Battlefield announcement next week

EA has launched a countdown on their Battlefield website indicating that a huge announcement is set to be made next week.  At this time, it is not known what era setting the game will have, many are hoping for it to be based u...


Oxenfree Comes to PlayStation 4 This Month

One of the things that helped the PlayStation 4 rush ahead in the early goings of this generations console war was the sheer amount of indie games it was able to get on its console before the Xbox One. Microsoft have tried to c...


“Dead Don’t Ride” Brand New Western Themed Playstation 4 Exclusive

Two weeks ago, Twitter user Shinobi602 suggested that a title named Dead Don’t Ride is supposedly an open-world horror game, which is currently being developed by Sony Bend. Alike rumours have been circulating two yea...

republique fi

Game Review: Republique

A passionately delivered title with a gripping and well woven narrative. Some technical and mechanical issues hold Republique back, but the game makes up for it in other ways. Read the full review to find out more.

2016-04-30 18_12_38-Battleborn Launch Trailer - YouTube

Battleborn Launch Trailer Promising Plenty of Action

2k and Gearbox Games have released a launch trailer for the imminent arrival of shooter Battleborn next week. The footage gives us a little look at a few of the 25 playable characters that will be available in the game. Play...


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (almost) confirmed, will come with Modern Warfare Remastered

Rumours have been running rampant this week with the potential announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  There has been the name leaked, the possibility of it being bundled with a remastered version of Modern Warfare an...


Uncharted 4 Day One Patch adds multiplayer & singleplayer features

Presumably as a result of those copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End breaking the release date embargo, not to mention the stolen copies currently in circulation, day one 5GB patch details for the game has been revealed.  I ...


Nintendo NX Officially Arrives March 2017, plus Zelda News and Smartphone Titles

Details are still super light on the ground at the moment, but it’s official; Nintendo will release a new console next year. At the company finance briefing, the president shared the proposed launch date of March 2017 for...