Evolve – Interactive Perspective Trailer

An interactive perspective trailer has been released for the forthcoming completive multiplayer co-op shooter Evolve, the game from the developers of the Left 4 Dead series Turtle Rock.  In this interactive trailer the four Hu...

LifeGoesOn screen (4)

Game Review: Life Goes On [PC/Mac/Linux]

Life Goes On expels the common myth that lives in gaming are a thing of the past. Use your descendants of knights to overcome difficult puzzles and reach that golden chalice. With this intriguing gameplay feature, is it any good?

Divinity Original Sin Logo

Divinity: Original Sin Beta Preview

If you missed out on the announcement post, then I’ll give a quick run-down of what Divinity: Original Sin is. It’s a turn-based RPG that is a prequel of the Divinity series, so you get to see the history behind the land of...

Trials Feature

Trials Fusion Gets A Launch Trailer

Ubisoft have release a launch trailer for the newest title in the Trials series, Trials Fusion. Trials Fusion gives players a chance to compete over obstacle-riddled courses while trying to accomplish tough challenges as th...


The Golf Club Arrives On Steam Early Access

The highly realistic golf game, The Golf Club, has come to Steam Early Access with versions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 planned for release in the not-to-distant future. Developed by HB Studios, The Golf Club is designed to...


Ultra Street Fighter IV Opening Movie, Special Trailer & Alternative Costumes

Capcom have released a couple of new videos for their latest update in the Street Fighter IV series, Ultra Street Fighter IV. The first feature the new combatants for this version,  Elena, Hugo, Poison, Rolento and Decapre,...


The New Infamous Second Son Update Is Out

Early this month we were promised an awesome update for inFamous Second Son. An update that among other things, would add the ability to change the timing of the day, provided you had completed the main story that is. However,...


Dinosaurs, Zombies, Monsters, Robots Oh My! Hazard Ops Has It All

Unreal Engine powered Hazard Ops, an upcoming 3rd person action cover shooter (à la Gears of War) by Infernum Productions, has been announced today for PC. Although very little details are know about the title beyond what...

Soul Sacrifice Header Image

Soul Sacrifice Delta – Soul Sacrifice Complete!

  Soul Sacrifice came out originally for the Vita not much more than a year ago. JAPAN Studio have made a a statement over on the Playstation Blog, detailing the updates made from the original. “Soul Sacrifice Delta ...

Freedom Wars Feature Image

Freedom Wars – Announcing Freedom!

Sony’s JAPAN Studio, people known for their hands in many titles including Shadow of the Colossus, have just unveiled three great looking games for the Playstation Vita system! The first, favoured quite heavily by me, i...