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Published on: 2015-09-11 17:46:21
My name is Kamil, and I'm the 'Feature Man'. I write news, and reviews just like everybody else, however, feature articles are my true forte. And this is not because I'm another self-centered, pseudo-intellectual games journalist, but because there are many discussion worthy matters which go unnoticed in the flurry of other video-game related articles. If you want to read more of my #HotTakes and #Opinions, or if you simply want to fight me over the internet, you can follow me on Twitter @Kama_Kamilia.
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Game Review: L.A. Noire Remastered

  Back in 2011, LAPD’s detective Cole Phelps asked the most important question of all – ‘’You fuck young boys, Valdez?’’. And ever since, we’ve all been asking that very…

L.A. Noire ”Switches” Things Up With its Newest Trailer

There is no other way to say it, but L.A. Noire‘s emotions system was not the masterpiece that the developer promised, and definitely not the one that many expected it to…


Game Review: Spintires: MudRunner

Spintires: a MudRunner Game, is an incredible driving simulator, with rather limited mass appeal.

UFC 3 is Coming to an Octagon Near You

AAA video games tend to be announced during press conferences, award shows, or other industry relevant events. However, at times, publishers decide against it, and announce their titles rather unceremoniously…

Need for Speed Payback welcomes you to The Fortune Valley with a brand new trailer

  We are now only 5 days away from the launch of Need for Speed Payback. And as the tradition dictates, Ghost Games, EA’s in-house development studio, responsible for the upcoming…

#PGW2017 Ex-Evolution devs are back from the grave with a brand new arcade racer

The day Evolution studio shut its doors for good, was a sad day indeed. As the final turn of the key within said door’s lock, signified the end of accomplished…

#PSGW2017 Sucker Punch finally leaves its super hero comfort zone with a brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive

Since 2009, Sucker Punch Productions has been relentlessly churning out one Infamous game after another, seemingly with no end in sight. And by 2014, many have accepted that Sucker Punch may be…

L.A. Noire returns with a brand new 4K trailer

Have you ever wondered what a 6 year old game would look like, up-scaled to 4k, with very little to no technical improvements? If so, then you have to wonder…

More Information Emerges Proving That Need for Speed Payback is In-Fact a Sequel to Carbon

Back in 2006, EA has published the last exceptional title in the Need for Speed series. Yes, there were some good games since – such as the reboot of the Most Wanted sub-series –…


Game Review: ECHO

Echo is an intriguing, if flawed experience.

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