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Tom Collins
Published on: 2012-10-28 00:09:47
Aspiring novelist/writer. Fan of many things geeky and an avid gamer since I was three years old. Mainly a PC gamer, but I do own an Xbox and PS3. Other interests include movies, comics and spending money on games I won't really play on Steam.
Twitter: casshern09
Facebook: TomlinsColmos
Author Archive

Heroes Of The Storm: Technical Alpha Patch Notes

  It’s happening. Today is the day that we finally get to destroy each other to the death throes of an army of  Murlocs. For anyone who just scrunched their face up at that statement, wondering what sound that would...


PAX East: Heroes Of The Storm News

  Heroes of the Storm has been in Alpha stage for a fair few weeks now. One thing that is on many of ours minds is the relatively small roster of characters. There is certainly a good amount to choose from, but the MOBA ge...


Game Review: Hearthstone [PC]

Blizzard delve in to the strategy card game genre. It's deep, it's fun and it's completely free.


Game Review: Titanfall [PC/Xbox One]

The long awaited first game from Respawn Entertainment. It isn't quite what we were promised, but there's plenty of fun to be had.


Heroes Of The Storm: Unlocking The Hero Within

With Hearthstone now in full release and Warlords of Draenor well on the way, Blizz have released a video detailing some of the finer points of their upcoming take on the MOBA genre.   As you can see, there’s a hu...


Wildstar Gets a Release Date

    Many of you will have read my ramblings on Wildstar by now, one thing we haven’t heard however, is a release date. You need look no further, as Carbine Studios have announced by way of one of their rather sn...


Hearthstone Goes Live

It’s finally here, out of beta and into its finished and (hopefully) bug free state. Blizzard’s swing at card games is something well worth looking into, even if you’re not a fan of Magic: The Gathering. Alon...


Warlords Of Draenor Gameplay Videos

It surely cannot be long until Blizzard allow the masses stream through the portal into Draenor. Although in a way we have already done that, Draenor is simply the old name for Outland. Semantics aside, we have some videos from...


17 Minutes Of Heroes Of The Storm Gameplay

Have you been wondering what Heroes of the Storm plays like? Well wonder no more, Blizzard unveiled a 17 minute gameplay video of their upcoming take on the MOBA genre. It’s based on a map called Dragon Shire and the id...


League Of Legends Team Builder Beta Announced

  There’s a game you may have heard of. Approximately 27 million people play it every day. It’s a place where you can go and get abuse hurled at you from all directions, and occasionally play a game of League o...