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Brett Claxton
Published on: 2014-09-21 11:44:20
I like video games. That's why I write about them. I've played them for years and in that time I've found a love for creepy horrors, indie darlings and the oddities that come out of Japan. Although my main purpose on the site is to write up news and reviews I'm also one of the main Let's Play video creators of the team (or, as I call them, Brett's Play videos). You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Bretteh2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brettclaxton
Author Archive

Game Review: Dreamfall Chapters

If you're a fan of story driven adventure games with a focus on dialogue and problem solving then Dreamfall Chapters is a gem even if you've not played the series before.

Final Fantasy XV DLC ‘Episode Prompto’ Gets a Trailer

It seems the latest part of the Final Fantasy XV season pass really is going in a completely different direction from the rest of the game. Before we dive into this though,…


Game Review: The Silver Case

The Silver Case is an intriguing package that provides an insight in to the early works of Suda51, one of gamings more interesting personalities. The game might've aged but its quality still shines through.

#E32017 The Yakuza Series Gets Two Trailers For Two Games

YAKUZA! People are really starting to pay attention to the franchise since the excellent Yakuza 0 kicked and punched its way on to the PlayStation 4 earlier this year. At E3 the series…

#E32017 Vampyr Shows Off Some Gameplay

We might’ve already had a fancy E3 trailer for Vampyr, but it would seem there was more to show about the game at E3. With the game due out this November on…

#E32017 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets a Holiday 2017 Release

The first Xenoblade Chronicles was a well received JRPG for the Wii. Its successor Xenoblade Chronicles X was a critical darling on Wii U and it seems the Nintendo Switch is getting its dose…

#E32017 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Shows Off 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Episodic games tend to be fairly linear in nature. Most choices you make tend to be cosmetic, rarely doing much to shape the final outcome. They’re also the kind of…

#E32017 Final Fantasy XV Gets a DLC Release Date and Details of a PSVR Mode

Final Fantasy XV was a great success for Square Enix and it seems they have no desire to stop supporting it any time soon. There’s still a fair bit of announced…

#E32017 Ni No Kuni II Gets a Release Date

It’s easy to be disappointed with the Sony conference at E3 this year due to the lack of titles releasing in 2017 shown. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty…

#E32017 ‘Until Dawn’ Developer Announces Three New Games at E3

Until Dawn was a surprise hit back in 2015 and spawned the extremely fun PlayStation VR launch title Rush of Blood last year. It would seem that developer Supermassive Games…

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