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Published on: 2014-03-27 19:29:20
Computer and games fan from child to man (man-child if you wish). Gaming since the Atari 2600 all the way through ZX Spectrum, Amiga 500 and now PC. Keen observer of all things Early Access and in Beta (hence the name).
Twitter: @BetaDaysUK
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/betadaysuk
Author Archive

Intense Late Alpha Build Of Killing Floor 2 Shown In Its Gory Glory UPDATE: Extra Footage

The team over at PCGamer has been getting the exclusive low down and gossip on Tripwire Interactive’s co-op monster blaster sequel Killing Floor 2. Speaking with the co-founders John Gibson and Bill Munk, the guys chat...


Perplexing Pixel-Perfect Parallax Puzzler, PONCHO, Progressing!

After having a bit of a rough time finding Kickstarter backing last year for it’s twisty 2D/3D platformer PONCHO, indie developers Delve Interactive found a white knight in the form of Rising Star Games to bring the game...


Game Review: Zombie Army Trilogy [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

Having played a lot of Sniper Elite V2 but not gone back for 3 or the original Nazi Zombie Army games I was asked if I wanted to grab some buddies and jump head first into an undead apocalyptic remastered trilogy. Was it fun? D...


#EGXRezzed Interview: Bossa Studios Game Designer Luke Williams On I Am Bread, Worlds Adrift, VR & HTC Vive

Bossa Studios had put on an impressive spread at this years EGX Rezzed event (or #Brezzed as they are hoping to trend). The area was painstakingly built like a level of the teams latest game, I Am Bread, and everyone from the...


Holy Schnitzel! Zombie Army Trilogy Launch Trailer

Today is Z-Day for Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy. In traditional new game day fashion, the developer/publisher has released a launch trailer to celebrate. Check out the footage of undead Adolf and his rotting army in ...


GDC: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Pre-Alpha Gameplay

A short pre-alpha gameplay video has been posted by the Fatshark Games team showing off FPS co-op multiplayer title Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide in all it’s rat-men killing action. The game is set in the Warham...

2015-03-05 20_42_33-Project Morpheus _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!

GDC: Sony’s Morpheus VR Kit Improved And Coming 2016

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Sony gave fans a new and improved look at its Project Morpheus virtual reality technology coming to PlayStation 4. As well as sporting a larger 5.7 OLED display th...

2015-03-04 19_34_54-Elite_ Dangerous Official GDC Trailer for PC, Mac and Xbox One - YouTube

GDC: Elite Dangerous Confirmed Coming To Xbox One

Out of this weeks GDC 2015 event in San Francisco, big Xbox boss Phil Spencer yesterday confirmed that developer/publisher Frontier’s PC massively mulitplayer space life simulator, Elite: Dangerous, is being ported to t...

2015-03-01 19_52_46-HTC Re Vive

Viva La Vive. HTC And Valve Collaborate On New VR Headset

The big news coming out of the tech world today is games maker/digital distributor Valve Corporation and smartphone giant HTC have combined powers to throw a Team Fortress hat into the VR headset ring unveiling “ViveR...

Nazi Zombie Chainsaw

I Did Nazi That Coming! New Indepth Zombie Army Trilogy Gamplay

With release on Friday of (possibly) the final part of Rebellion’s co-op cult fave first person shooter Zombie Army Trilogy, the developer has uploaded a meaty trailer highlighting all the features the collection has to...

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