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Ben Fox
Published on: 2012-05-12 14:15:15
Avid gamer, Durham University student and part-time musician. Inexplicably obsessed with Final Fantasy X.
Twitter: benedict_fox
Facebook: benedictfox04
Author Archive

The Push-Start Podcast: Xbox One Reveal

An ad hoc response to the Xbox One Reveal all that time ago. Dazz Brown, creator of Did You Know Gaming?, joins Daniel Pepper and Ben Fox to give his…


The Push-Start Podcast #60: Finale

This week’s podcast is the final one with the established cast. Old host Ben Abbott graciously pops in for a chat about all things video games. Thanks to all who…

blade wolf

Metal Gear Rising DLC: You’re That Dog Now

Metal Gear Rising’s latest downloadable content, Blade Wolf, has hit PSN and Xbox Live with disconcertingly little fanfare. The promotional rhetoric doesn’t even sound that exciting, with “all-new boss battle&...


The Push-Start Podcast: Bioshock Infinite Special

Because we’re on the bleeding edge of contemporary journalism, we thought we’d pip everyone to the post by releasing a Bioshock Infinite spoiler-cast! Site owner, Daniel Pepper, joins Ben and…

injustice slider

The Push-Start Podcast #58: Project Pluto, Saturn and Sega (Suger Crush)

A shorter outing this week, the guys are tired and Shaun is crashing but inane chat cannot be thwarted! Sega, Capcom and Nintendo get in on the hot news action.…


The Push-Start Podcast #57: Squirrel Semen

Somewhat of a marathon this week, with Bioshock Infinite being discussed at length (spoiler free) alongside the ever-contentious topic of violence in video games. Solemn Camel Crew do the tunes.…

The Push-Start Podcast #55: Look At Me, I’m Allan (VGM)

The gang discuss video game music on top of the usual stuff and have included all the pieces mentioned for your listening pleasure. We’re also running a competition this week,…

10394Lightning Returns_screenshot_L_fix

New Assets Revealed for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

For all my complaining regarding the direction of Square-Enix recently, one thing that the company patently continues to have in spades is artistic flourish. Granted, the Final Fantasy XIII saga…


The Push-Start Podcast #53: Trouble

The gang discuss all things ‘reboot’ this week, with the likes of  Prince of Persia, DmC and, yes, Sonic ’06 (!!!) entering discussion. Shaun Greenhaff and Taylor Swift join Solemn Camel Crew…


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Wish List

Really? More? Have you not punished us enough, Square-Enix? Whatever specifically annoyed you about our blind and passionate support must surely have been calamitous, because forcing us to play this…

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