Published on: 2014-02-13 16:14:35
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Video Preview: Salt

Salt is an upcoming open-world sandbox survival game by Lavaboots Studios, soon to be arriving on Steam Early Access having been successfully Greenlit. The island travelling is certainly an interesting new take on the genre, bu...


Video Review: Gauntlet [PC]

Gauntlet is the modern reimagining of the 1985 arcade classic which hasn’t really had a worthy sequel since, but has that now changed, or is it just a blast to the past we didn’t really need?


Video Preview: F1 2014

F1 2014 is the new upcoming yearly instalment of Codemasters Formula 1 franchise, but how does it stand up to previous iterations and is it really all we’d hope for a brand new generation of Formula 1 racing? Find out in the ...


Video Preview: World Of Diving

World of Diving is a first person diving and exploration game with challenge elements. In its current state, it’s quite clearly Early Access, missing a large portion of content and functions, although what is there is looking...


Video Review: Another Perspective [PC]

Another Perspective is a short puzzle platformer experience, reminiscent of the likes of Braid. It’s main mechanic being the alternate perspective of other characters you can switch between on the screen, much like The Swappe...


Video Preview: The Crew – Closed Beta

After playing The Crew for the past several days rather obsessively, needless to say I came to the conclusion that it is an incredibly solid driving game, and was probably the most fun I’ve had with a racing game in a long ti...


“Nightmare” Teaser For Rumoured “Shadow Realms” By Bioware

Over the weekend a mysterious newsletter was sent out by Bioware titled “You’ve Been Chosen”, which contained very little outside of the live-action “Nightmare” teaser and a link to a website.   Bioware tradema...


Video Review: Shattered Planet [PC/Android/iOS]

Shattered Planet is a traditional rogue-like game in the sense of turn-based movement and random level generation and I had no clue what Shattered Planet had in store for me, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.


The Crew Beta Brought Forward, July 21st

The Crew beta, originally set to begin on July 23rd, has been brought forward two days and will now begin on July 21st  (today) and run until July 25th. As before, those who are interested in taking part in the beta can s...


Video Preview: Adventurezator – When Pigs Fly

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly is part point-and-click adventure in the old LucasArts style, reminiscent of Grim Fandango and Monkey Island, and part sandbox creator, because you can actually create your own adventures which is ...

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