Published on: 2014-02-13 16:14:35
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Video Preview: The Deer God

The Deer God is a perma-death platformer in which you assume the role of a deer, and you must grow and survive in the harsh world presented before you. The world might appear beautiful and vibrant, but it seems almost everythin...


Video Review: The Old City – Leviathan [PC]

The Old City boasts to tell a story in a non-traditional manner, which is certainly something that intrigued me. It is without a doubt that it falls into the recently established walking-simulator genre, but by no means is this...


Video Preview: Soul Axiom

Soul Axiom is the new first person adventure by the developers behind Master Reboot, something I particularly enjoyed for the most-part, but wasn’t without its problems. So has Wales Interactive managed to improve on the mist...


Video Review: Valkyria Chronicles [PC]

Valkyria Chronicles was critically hailed on the Playstation 3, and rightly so, but does it stand up to the expectations of 2014 on PC, or is it simply another poor attempt at a last-gen port? Find out our full thoughts in the ...


Video Review: Legend Of Grimrock 2

Legend of Grimrock was highly praised and rightly so. It was good for what it was, but ultimately left me wanting more. So does the sequel take that kind of leap and excel as I’d hoped, or does it simply fail to live up to th...


Soul Axiom Coming To Steam Early Access

Soul Axiom is a first-person sci-fi adventure by the creators of Master Reboot, a game I personally had mixed feelings about, and its coming to Steam Early Access on 3rd November. The current screenshots and trailer, which can ...


Video Preview: Salt

Salt is an upcoming open-world sandbox survival game by Lavaboots Studios, soon to be arriving on Steam Early Access having been successfully Greenlit. The island travelling is certainly an interesting new take on the genre, bu...


Video Review: Gauntlet [PC]

Gauntlet is the modern reimagining of the 1985 arcade classic which hasn’t really had a worthy sequel since, but has that now changed, or is it just a blast to the past we didn’t really need?


Video Preview: F1 2014

F1 2014 is the new upcoming yearly instalment of Codemasters Formula 1 franchise, but how does it stand up to previous iterations and is it really all we’d hope for a brand new generation of Formula 1 racing? Find out in the ...


Video Preview: World Of Diving

World of Diving is a first person diving and exploration game with challenge elements. In its current state, it’s quite clearly Early Access, missing a large portion of content and functions, although what is there is looking...

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