[Review] Child of Eden– Xbox 360

Posted June 26, 2011 by Marshall in Reviews, Xbox 360

Imagine yourself in a rave, glow sticks, fine drinks and great music. Now put that into a game and what do you get? Child of Eden… Just don’t expect the alcohol… Or glow sticks, unless you bring them yourselves.

The game is a very trancey experience, a lot of different colours that burst into a chain reaction with music and rhythm action.  You will find yourself gliding through different matrix’s that are basically different levels that consist of you taking out the “infected” with a “force push” or gun them down with your pink bullets of musical destruction. When you shoot it adds another beat to the music; every arm sweep, another explosion of colour and light also add to the musical elements.The game takes you down crazy paths and putting you into some difficult but interesting situations.

If your looking for a game with a deep storyline, you may need to look elsewhere as the story is just about saving Lumi who is a human intelligence struggling to be born inside the internet (that’s Eden), and you have to defeat the virus that threatens her. That’s all, by the way. The game focuses strongly on music, the game is filled with multiple different sound’s and experience’s in the colourful universe Lumi is trapped in.  I found myself just getting memorized by the different effects and beautiful visuals that were going on in the game.

There are five levels to battle through, and I know that may sound short but it they last sometime per level and there is a lot of replay value due to achievements, unlockables  and leader board scores.  Each level comes together with a nice flow attached with fun gameplay elements and a satisfying finish that makes you feel accomplished.

Now if you look at the game you may thing it’s more an “experience” than a “game”  which actually isn’t the case.  Child of Eden has many different gameplay elements that make it stand out compared to other rhythm games, including a mode that gives you  no-damage, giving you the opportunity you to play for pleasure rather than play to win. It doesn’t feel patronising, just extremely a satisfying experience.

For those that don’t have the Kinect fear not as you can use the Xbox 360 controller and play the game as well, just the whole experience feels a lot more whole with the use of the Kinect functions.



The game is very interesting and uses the Kinect functions very well. The music and visuals are so beautiful you may become distracted. The game doesn’t have to much depth to it however but is an enjoyable experience that is one to remember. You will find yourself trying to unlock the unlockables as you progress through the levels and achievements.  If you love music and colourful visuals then this is a must have.



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