Accessory Review: FPS Freek: Call of Duty Heritage and FPS Freek Edge Thumbsticks

Posted May 19, 2017 by Richard Lee Breslin in Peripherals, PS4 Accessories Review, Reviews, Xbox One Accessories Review

It’s been a while, but he’s my latest review for two more sticks from KontrolFreek, with the FPS Freek: Call of Duty Heritage and the FPS Freek Edge.

FPS Freek: Call of Duty Heritage thumbsticks

Let’s begin with the sticks that pride themselves on the heritage of Call of Duty.  The first thing I noticed or felt about the FPS Freek CoD Heritage sticks with an embedded star logo to celebrate the history of the series, was just how comfortable they are to use.  Some sticks might have a deeper concave, but these particular sticks have a slight dome, which is almost borderlining being flat.  However, having this design choice gives you a near perfect bland of grip and comfort.

Additionally, both sticks have a subtle height difference, which also combines precision and comfort.  One high-rise stick stands at 10.10mm on PS4 and 10.40mm on Xbox One, thus being the stick that will likely offer you the added aim and accuracy that will be placed on the right-sided analogue stick.  The second left-sided stick stands at 6.27mm on PS4 and 5.71mm on XB1, giving you comfort and grip to take to the online battlefield.

All-in-all, the FPS Freek: Call of Duty Heritage thumbsticks offer a perfect blend of comfort and precsion, whether you pick these up on PS4 or Xbox One, with an authentic design choice that all please even the most hardened of CoD fans.

Final Score: 8.5

FPS Freek Edge thumbsticks

Next up we have the FPS Freek Edge thumbsticks and I’ll say from the get go, these are among my favourite sticks yet.  The FPS Freek Edge sticks have a visual design that stands out like a not so sore thumb, with their bright blue colour and ‘cutting edge’ embedded star on each of the grips.

Both sticks have a dome shape, with the left stick being low rise at 5.96mm on PS4 and 5.92mm on Xbox One.  The right side stick is of the high rise variety standing at 10.49mm on PS4 and 10.63mm on Xbox One.  What I appreciate about the right high rise stick in particular, is that despite have a dome design, the star in the centre has a deep concave, giving you even more grip them most sticks and something that will likely feel extra comfortable for those gamers that use the tips of their thumbs on the analogue sticks.

Also, if you have any of the white DualShock 4’s or white Xbox One controllers, the FPS Freek Edge sticks will look quite stunning with the standout blue and white combination.

Final Verdict: 9/10


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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