Video Feature: Quick 5: Wall Jumpers

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Posted February 6, 2015 by Cameron Jay Smith in Cjszero01, Features, Opinion, Original Video Content

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In video games jumping off a wall can actually be the most important thing to a character… eh, maybe not, but it’s an important move that can help them to get areas where they couldn’t normally reach. These 5 demonstrate the art of pushing off of a surface to reach new areas. Oh and yes I’ll be taking suggestions for Quick 5s, but remember I can’t take them all. The more interesting, the better the chance of getting picked. Enjoy.


Cameron Jay Smith

Cameron, more commonly known as cjszero01, resides in the US and has been playing video games since the NES days. His favorite genre in video games are platformers and his favorite game company is Nintendo but he doesn't have a favorite game of all time. On Push-Start you can see his reviews and his personal 10 lists earlier as well as Quick 5s and any Co-reviews with the Push-Start crew.

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