System Shock 2 Released on GOG/Steam On 14th Of February

Posted February 13, 2013 by Tom Collins in Announcements, Gaming News, Good Old Games, PC, Steam


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We’ve already had some great releases this year, but this is something that really stirs up those nostalgia juices. I am of course talking about the re-release of System Shock 2. This bundle of awesome was initially released way back in 1999 by Irrational Games. Of course everyone knows Ken Levine and company by way of BioShock and Bioshock Infinite. The updated version is winging its way to Steam and courtesy of Night Dive Studios who have done what many have been pleading for to the gaming gods for many a year.

Oddly, despite receiving huge praise across the board from critics and being one of the most original and best horror games of its time, it only sold around 58,000 copies. We shall place that next to Psychonauts in the “What is wrong with people?” category of poor release sales. For those people who missed it, the 14th of February is your day of atonement. Head on over to to get yourself one for tomorrow.

It may look very dated by now, but there are some mods available to help out with that; a quick Google search will scratch that itch. Alternatively, you can have a look at this collection of YouTube videos to see for yourself.

I cannot recommend this game enough, it goes down as one of my all time favourites and it changed gaming in a way that few other titles have. System Shock 2 was a long way ahead of its time – it deserves some of yours.


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