Steam Greelight Games You Should Greenlight – Issue #1

Posted September 16, 2013 by Amber Hodson in PC, Steam

Steam is a wonderful platform to use, and on this very platform is a community section named Greenlight. Here users can thumbs up or thumbs down particular games from developers who wish to share their creations with the world. The more interest a game gets, the more chances it has of being sold on Steam, and that’s always good for us gamers. In this first post of many, myself and other members of the team will be sifting through some of the games currently on Steam Greenlight to see what’s worthy of your votes and explain a little about them.


Our first recommendation is a little game known as Candle, created by Spanish developers Teku Studios, this is a lovely looking adventure-platformer with hints of puzzle solving. What’s interesting about this game is that the creators have hand painted all aspects using watercolours and ink, this is then scanned into the computer and other aspects added, every frame is not digitally created but is in fact done by hand.

The game features an adorable little character who goes by the name of Teku, his special ability allows him to move around the environment using his hand which is a candle. The player must do whatever he or she can in order to keep this little candle burning for Teku, the flame is key to solving some puzzles and uncovering lots of secrets and clues.


Next up is title U55 – End of the Line which is created by Effective Evolutions who are based in Germany. You could say it looks like your typical survival horror game; dark places, flickering lights and strange noises, but the gameplay does look intriguing.

You play as David, an American student living in Berlin on a journey to meet his girlfriend. His train crashes and he ends up in the middle of something rather spooky. As the player you must find your way out with only your smartphone as a source of light. According to the developers, your choices throughout the game not only allow you to progress but they also decide the game finale, a nice added touch!


From developers Nowhere Studios we have Monochroma, think of Limbo with a small dash of colour here and there. Monochroma is a cinematic platformer; the story takes place in an alternate version of the 1950’s where there is a huge company selling robots to the people in a fantastic city. You are playing the big one of two brothers. On the night that your brother gets injured and you are seeking help around, caught in a storm, you find yourself in a warehouse and reveal an awful secret about that company.


Laika Believes – The Sun at Night is a fantastic story based around the dog Laika that was sent to space by the Soviets in Sputnik 2 and is a 2D action-platformer. The game is created by Texas based Minicore Studios. After reading the story of the Soviet dog Laika who sadly died whilst in orbit after being sent into space, they decided they wanted to put the story right and have her return back to earth as she should have done.

I really love the concept of this game, the story behind the game is a sad one and the more you read about Sputnik 2 and what Laika went through as a helpless little dog, you wish that Minicore Studios story was the true ending to the tale. This is a game which deserves a Greenlight.


If you have any suggestions for Greenlight Games for myself and the Push-Start team to look at, leave a comment in the box below along with your suggestion and your favourites might feature in the Greenlight Issue #2 article!


Amber Hodson
Amber Hodson

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