Rome 2 Performance Fix Incoming This Friday

Posted September 4, 2013 by Tom Collins in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, Patches, PC


Just before anyone starts threatening the lives of any Creative Assembly developers (their stance after Rome 2’s release pictured above), it’s worth remembering that many a game gets released in a pretty shoddy state these days. I’m certainly not defending the practice, but it’s a reality of the industry at the moment. In any case, CA have just released some news that will make many a gamer happy. Without further ado…

At Creative Assembly we are very pleased with the response to ROME II, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying the game so far; but we do know that, as with all large PC releases, the variety of hardware and general system specifications can cause issues for some people and we are urgently working to help get them the right experience.

As announced last month, we are also planning to tweak the balancing, AI routines and other features now that we’re getting real-time metric feedback from thousands of players.

The result is that the first update to the game will drop this Friday, with the intention to update the game on a weekly basis in the immediate future.

Full patch notes will be available on Friday, but the update will address known instances of crashes due to hardware conflicts alongside several other performance fixes.

There is also…

In addition, anyone experiencing graphical issues including low resolution textures, should check our support forums at which contain suggestions for settings which will improve visuals in almost all cases.

So there you go, we have some light on the horizon, how much of a fix is unsure, but it can’t get any worse, right? We also have to await Nvidia and AMD to get some drivers out and it’s a good bet that those will make a huge difference.

If you missed our review for Rome 2, take a look here and see if you can be persuaded to part with your hard earned. In the meantime, if anything further comes up, we shall let you all know.

Also, let us know how your Rome 2 launch day went in the comments below. I hear sharing your pain is a good thing.


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