Quake Champions: Meet Galena and Clutch in new videos

Posted April 20, 2017 by Haris Iqbal in Announcements, Gaming News, News, PC, Trailers

Here are two brand new additions to Quake Champion’s roster of, well, champions: Galena and Clutch. First up is Galena who is primarily a Healer. Galena was only four years old when given as an offering to the Celebrants of Volkerh. Like all children, she watched and imitated. She learned that blood is judgement and penance is sacrament. Now she has grown powerful and grateful.


Second up is Clutch, who spent most of its existence underground crushing rock and protecting his human overlords from falling rock as a mindless, nearly indestructible mining robot. After stumbling upon unexplored ruins with strange markings, it gained the power to escape and punish its masters — now it’s a woke AF killing machine!




Haris Iqbal
Haris Iqbal

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