Puzzle platformer BOOR releases on Steam

Posted February 17, 2017 by John Little in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, Release Date, Screenshots, Trailers



An unusual name for an unusual looking game.


BOOR is a puzzle platformer that sees a little girl attempt to put an end to an evil A.I.


Set on a faraway human colony called Eden, an AI was created called BOOR in hopes it would help create a better society. Of course, it didn’t, and instead settled for turning against its creators.


Our main character comes to Eden and finds herself having to survive this malevolent AI.


Luckily for her, she has the ability to multiply herself, which will help with the multitude of challenges in her way.



As described in the press release:

“Multiply yourself, run and jump, and stay on your toes to survive BOOR’s traps and hazards. Here’s how it works: Use the “multiply” power to take command of a clone — which can then complete dangerous tasks such as tricking robots into shooting each other, leaping over dangerous obstacles, and more. But you’ll also need to think strategically: You’re left vulnerable while you’re roaming, and clones tend to expire after a while.”


There are more than 80 rooms to explore, a variety of of puzzles and secrets, as well as a mystery to uncover.


From the trailer there looks to be some interesting ideas for puzzles, and the visual style is certainly striking. As for whether it stands out from the plethora of other puzzle platformers on the market remains to be seen.


BOOR is available now on Steam for a reasonable £3.99 (with a current 20% off for its first week).



John Little
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