Orc Tales trailer shows how the story dynamically changes in Shadow of War, plus two new tribes revealed

Posted September 12, 2017 by Haris Iqbal in Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

Here is an interesting trailer that was released recently for Middle Earth: Shadow of War that showcases stories of Orcs, giving an example how different encounters may play out and ultimately lead to either gaining new allies or enemies, and with how ruthless some of the nemesis can get, you will need allies by your side.


Furthermore, two new tribes were revealed: the Marauder and Dark Tribe. The Marauder tribe is a faction of orcs that specialise in pillaging and feasting on what they conquer, leaving only bones and splinters behind, whilst the Dark tribe prefer to use the shadows and the cover of night to utilise stealth in order to assassinate and terrorise their foes.


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 10th of October and will once again see the return of Talion and Celebrimbor who unite to take down the dark lord Sauron once and for all.



Haris Iqbal
Haris Iqbal

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