New Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Trailer see’s Chun Li’s face fixed, characters revealed

Posted August 18, 2017 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS4, Screenshots, Trailers, Xbox One

Chun Li, before and after

Capcom has released the third story trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite which shows how the two universes of Marvel and Capcom must join forces if they are to have any chance of stopping Ultron Sigma from destroying all organic life as we know it.  Also, the last story trailer caused quite a stir in regards to Chun-Li’s face, which the only way I can describe it, is that it’s like she had been attacked by an onslaught of Botox injections, thankfully it seems that Chun Li’s face now looks much better in this latest trailer.

However, that is not all because the latest roster additions have been revealed as well as details on the various modes that will be included in the game.  Joining the roster will be Jedah, Dormammu, Firebrand and Ghost Rider.  Then during Gamescom in Germany next week, the remaining characters will be revealed, taking the launch total up to 30 (which is sadly still way below what we’ve seen in previous games).


Having a mixture of the series formula of 3v3, as well as the traditional 2v2, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will feature a wealth of modes for both the singleplayer and multiplayer experiences.  From Story, Arcade (yes, an Arcade mode, we’re looking at you Street Fighter V), online Leagues and much more.  All the details can be found below, along with the new gameplay trailer and a batch of new screenshots.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 19th.


  • Story – puts players at the center of a fierce battle as heroes from both universes come together to stop Ultron Sigma, the combined form of two robotic villains.
  • Arcade – recreates the classic arcade experience. Keep winning to move forward and confront the final boss in an epic showdown of skills.
  • Mission – players can do various tutorial missions, or try their hand at advanced character-specific challenges.
  • Training – set up a training area with various parameters and hone skills to improve fighting abilities.
  • Vs. Player 2 – go head-to-head against another player locally.
  • Vs. CPU – play solo against an AI-controlled opponent.
  • Collection – the Dr. Light Database contains numerous unlockable items, including cut scenes from the story mode, character/stage information, concept artwork and character/stage audio tracks.


  • Ranked Match – battle other players online to advance in the rankings.
  • Casual Match – battle other players online without the results affecting the rankings.
  • Beginners League – a special league fought between players of Rank 14 or lower.
  • Lobby – search for or create a lobby where up to 8 players can engage in simultaneous player-vs-player matches.
  • Rankings – view the rankings of players from all over the world.
  • Replay Settings – configure replay settings and view replays.


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