Update: Rage 2 Teaser Trailer Officially Released, Gameplay Reveal Tomorrow!

Posted May 14, 2018 by Haris Iqbal in Announcements, Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One
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Update 14/05/18: Well, to no one’s surprise, Rage 2 has officially been revealed, and from the looks of this trailer, it looks as if Bethesda and id Software are going for a more lively and fun approach than the old one. We will know more tomorrow, when the gameplay trailer finally drops! Until then be sure to check out the brand new reveal trailer below.


Original Story 14/05/18: Following off the tweets that have been posted by Bethesda so far after the apparent leak for Rage 2, we finally have an image that solidifies the 5/14 date (or 14/5 if you live anywhere other than America) originally seen through the original post’s clock.


The latest post shows a person’s rotten teeth with the numbers 5-14 on them, and as you know in a post apocalyptic environment, dental hygiene might not be that important for some, so it definitely looks more and more like this is definitely Rage 2, so it looks like the game will be officially announced today!


Haris Iqbal
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