Explore the World of Little Nightmares With Its Eponymous Comic Book Mini-Series

Posted February 16, 2017 by Kamil in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One



Not so long ago, Bandai Namco, in association with Tarsier Studios, has released a brand new Little Nightmares gameplay video, which showcased how the title in question really operates. And now, merely few days later, Bandai Namco has made yet another announcement, this time in association with Titan Comics, as it has unveiled that Little Nightmares, will be a subject to a release of a four-part comic book mini-series of the same name.



As previously mentioned, the tie-in comic book mini-series, will come in four parts, and first issue will see the light of day on the day of the release of the game itself, which is the 28th of April. The series will further explore the world of Little Nightmares, and in particular The Maw, on which the game takes place. And just like in the game itself, Six, a little girl wearing a yellow raincoat, will be the protagonist of the comic, and will be the centre point of the first issue.


In the press release related to this announcement, Bandai Namco has underlined that Little Nightmares comic book should not be mistaken for a simple promotional material, as it is more than just an advert. In fact, the publisher in question has also announced that it plans to continue this trend with its other releases, in order to bring their franchises into another realm. For now details of this particular business endeavour are still an unknown, but we can expect to hear more about it in the coming months, prior to the release of Tekken 7.




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