Dungeon Keeper Gets a Revival with War of the Overworld

Posted December 13, 2012 by Tubbzie in Gaming News, News, PC, Release Date

If you have just witnessed the gaming miracle that is the video above, you would of heard the familiar voice of Richard Ridings – the voice actor playing the Mentor in the original Dungeon Keeper; and that pretty much sums up what War of the Overworld promises to be. A rebirth and revival to not only Dungeon Keeper, but also Evil Genius, and Overlord, combining all of your favourite aspects from all three of these timely classics into one.

War of the Overworld is a fan-made game, lead by project leader of the original Dungeon Keeper Simon Carter and is entirely dedicated to bringing the best RTS experience to its fans. Heavily focused on modding, and a community driven game on the whole, the game will sport a user-friendly level editor mode called Dungeoneer, allowing users to create everything from individual dungeons, to entire game modes. The developers have some much faith in this component that they’re actually physically using the Dungeoneer tool to build the game from the ground up. If creating isn’t to your taste then you can also indulge in hours of the multiplayer which bring replay-ability like never seen before.

The game plans to go through Beta testing in the same way that Minecraft approached the form and then after retail release on the 30th August 2013, they plan to work on what is being called Flex Goals;

“For every £75,000, there will be a Flex Goal unlock.  After our campaign ends, all supporters will be able to vote on which features they want added to the game through our backer-exclusive website. These features are extensions and will be developed after the base game has been completed.”

(Source: Official WFTO Kickstarter Page).

Head on over to donate to the Kickstarter for your chance to influence a contender for Game of the Year 2013.




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