BlizzCon: Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Details

Posted November 11, 2013 by Tom Collins in BlizzCon, Events, Features, Gaming News, PC, Screenshots, Trailers


We’ve already heard a lot about the Diablo 3 expansion over the last few months. Blizzard have been very vocal about the coming changes. It’s hardly surprising given the nature of the D3 release. With the news that the Real Money Auction House is being completely removed, things are now looking a little brighter.


I haven’t been paying much attention if I’m to be forthcoming. I had lost nearly all interest in the game long ago. With what I felt was a fairly average story, I couldn’t see anything grabbing my attention again. However, with the new class and new abilities for the old ones, together with the new Adventure Mode, may curiosity is becoming considerably feline.

Game Features:

  • Act V continues the story where it left off in Diablo III, taking players through the legendary city of Westmarch to the ancient halls of the Pandemonium Fortress
  • Level cap increased to 70, enabling players to reach new heights of power
  • The Crusader enters the fray, joining ranks with the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard
  • New spells and abilities for each of the game’s five original heroes
  • Redesigned loot system drops “fewer, but better” items, rewarding players with useful upgrades
  • Collect rare items of unprecedented power, including game-changing Legendaries
  • Customize your hero’s appearance and augment your items’ power with a new artisan, the Mystic
  • Upgrades to Diablo III’s Paragon progression system add even more end-game character advancement and replayability
  • Battle a new menagerie of fiendish monsters slavering for the chance to feast upon Sanctuary’s heroes
  • Never stop exploring with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked so players can do battle in any setting
  • Engage in Loot Runs to test your mettle in 10-20 minute dungeons consisting of randomized areas, monsters, and bosses
  • Take on Bounties for fun and rewarding objective-based challenges
  • Connect with your allies like never before with all-new updates to Diablo III’s social system, including Clans and Groups

If there is one thing Blizzard do well, it’s listen. They don’t always fix things as fast as we would like, but it gets done. I can completely understand the argument some of you will be making right now though. Why are we paying for them to fix what should have been great to start with? And that’s a fair question indeed. To an extent, I agree, but looking at this list, I can’t help but think this might actually live up to the considerable heritage this franchise carries over it’s heavy shoulders. I think it at least deserves a chance.

If that wasn’t enough, we have some PS4 footage for you.


Just to fill in any further blanks you may have, here is a huge Q&A from a Curse fan site. There is of course, the official site too.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this in the upcoming months. No firm release date was given, hopefully we shall find that out soon enough. With a bit of luck, we shall finally have the game we wanted.


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