Ambitious First Person Adventure Soul Axiom Launches Soon

Posted February 24, 2016 by John Little in Gaming News, PC, Release Date, Steam Early Access, Trailer

A launch trailer has been revealed for the first person puzzle adventure game Soul Axiom indicating its release for the 29th of this month. From Wales Interactive (those who brought us the unique Master Reboot), Soul Axiom is similarly cyber-esque and atmospheric.

Set in the digital world of Elysia, a place where “memories and dreams become reality”, you must explore and solve your way to uncovering the ‘mystery’ of your digital afterlife.

With a quoted “over 20 hours” of gameplay, 100 puzzles, multiple story endings, 50 original soundtrack compositions, and 40 unique locations spanning 6 story chapters the game certainly doesn’t seem to be holding back.

The game world looks magnificent and strange in equal measure, with the trailer showing off some very surreal and dramatic sequences.

Soul Axiom made available on Steam Early Access way back in November of 2014, and has been there for a little longer than originally stated, however with an original estimate of around 8-12 hours of gameplay it’s seems the process has allowed Wales Interactive to get a deal more out of the development.

Take a look at the screens below and the trailer above for a sample of what the game offers, and keep an eye out here for more information (review is on its way).





John Little
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