Mortal Kombat 9 European Kollectors Edition Revealed

With the upcoming Moral Kombat 9 on the horizon us Brits/ Europeans now get to experience a considerable purchase. We finally have a collectors edition at the value for money.  The “Kollectors Edition” is estimated to retail at £60.00.

The collectors edition features:

  • In game costumes
  • Figurines
  • Steel casing
  • Art book


I say its worth the purchase, what do you guys think?


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Daniel Pepper

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    Where can we buy it from or pre order it I been lookin for days nothing yet so what’s the secret where is it ????


    which website sell this in the uk. I can’t find anything on game


    That’s not a bad price actually considering the game by itself will be £40!


    Ok, O’ve been looking for that kollectors edition in uk. But I cant find a single website where I can buy it. And how much will it cost. I’m really looking forward to this game but if the kollectors edition wont be out in uk im not buying it. Cuz u see I’m a really big fan of special, colletor and limited edition games. And everygame i have is a special edition 1. But as I said if it wont be out in uk i will not buy it. And I will buy crysis 2 nano edition. Plz respond as quick as possible because I’m getting so fustraited now. Thanks.

    Your sincery Jacoby

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