Flashback Remake Preview – Can A Classic Be Improved?


Courtesy of IGN, we have a special video preview of the forthcoming remake ‘Flashback’. If you were a gamer back in the early 90’s then the chances are that you would have heard of this game from back in the day, I especially remember being blown away from its then stunning visuals and cinematic presence.

With so many remakes and reboots being made in this day and age, whether it is in the videogame or movie industry, it’s always something that generates a difference of opinion. I for one welcome remakes/reboots, as long as its necessary and that it’s done properly. But there are others that think the past should be left alone and we should keep our fond memories of yesteryear, both cases offer an equal argument.

So with those arguments in mind, IGN asks the question “Can a classic be improved?” Watch the video below and see what they think and by all means, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Flashback will be released on PSN and XBLA on August 21st.

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