Microsoft Reveals Xbox One. Features 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray, Kinect 2 confirmed

Posted May 21, 2013 by Marshall in E3, Gaming News, Microsoft, Xbox One

Microsoft just revealed their latest next-gen console, the Xbox One.

The console houses 5 billion transistors and 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0 and a Blu-Ray Drive.

The console will be running on three operating systems, a bespoke Xbox One platform, a kernal of Windows that allows web access and more, then a third that ties them both together. Pretty straight forward.

Along with the announcement of the Xbox One Microsoft also confirmed the Kinect 2. The Kinect 2 will use a 1080p camera and takes 13 billionths of a second to respond to your commands, processing 2GB of data a second to make sure it responds to your voice accurately and at speed. It also tracks your heart rate, which will most likely be used in future fitness related games.

SmartGlass and the use of mobile phones will also be part of the console. Users will be able to use their tablets or mobile phones to control the console, as well as other household devices will also be able to sync up in some form.

Lastly the new Xbox controller which essentially looks the same but has a bigger battery pack and will also be able to respond to the new Kinect sensor.

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