Weinsteins Pushing For Tarantino Screenplay Win With Nine-Minute Featurette

Posted February 6, 2013 by Matthew Smith in Articles, Entertainment, Film News, Films, News


While it’s evident that the Weinstein’s have all but surrendered a Best Picture chance this year, they are still actively campaigning in other areas as a result. Argo seems to have secured the top prize with big wins at the Globes, Director’s Guild, Producer’s Guild and Screen Actors Guild in the last month, all but knocking Silver Linings Playbook out of the race. Craftily though, Robert De Niro seems to now be the frontrunner for Supporting Actor thanks to a Weinstein publicity push (most notably, an emotional interview this week with Katie Couric), and wouldn’t you know it, Django is getting a massive boost in the screenplay arena after Tarantino’s somewhat surprising Globes victory.

This boost is evidenced below in the form of a nine-minute featurette that focuses on the fantastic script for Django Unchained, and features interviews with most of the cast. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.


Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith

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