The Push-Start Film Podcast: Episode 5

Posted July 19, 2012 by Josh Curtis in Community, Film Podcast, Podcasts

Welcome back to the Push-Start Film Podcast. Episode 5 is once again hosted by Edward Westman and Matt Smith. After recapping last month’s retro challenge, they head straight into a deep discussion about The Amazing Spider-Man. With great podcasting comes great responsibly!

As with Push-Start’s Gaming Podcast, you’ll be able to subscribe to the Film Podcast on iTunes… but you can always listen to it right here, enjoy!

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Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis

I'm a future games journalist and podcaster in training. I'm also a Staff Writer and Podcast Host here at Push-Start and loving every minute of it. I'm just your average guy with a passion for video games and the ability to convert thoughts into words and words into the letters you see before you.

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