New Monsters University Preview and Full-Length Trailer

Posted February 12, 2013 by Vicki Dolley in Entertainment, Film News, Films, Trailers

Disney and Pixar have finally detailed the mysterious Monsters University in two brand new clips – a full-length trailer and a short preview from director Dan Scanlon (who previously directed Cars short Mater and the Ghostlight).

It reveals that not only will the film reveal how best buds Mike and Sulley (with both Billy Crystal and John Goodman returning) met, but it will also portray their initial rivalry in their efforts to both become ‘Scarers’ (which Scanlon describes as like being an ‘astronaut’ or ‘rock star’ in the monster world).

The trailer proves that the originality and wit of Monsters, Inc. hasn’t faded away, with a host of imaginative and hilarious new characters (such as a mop-like monster using himself as a paintbrush for the Art club and a poor slug creature who just can’t get to class on time) joining old faces, such as Randall Boggs (reprised by Steve Buscemi).

If you grew up with Monsters, Inc. you’ll probably be first in line (Toy Story 3 all over again!) for this fantastic looking prequel to relive your joys with the antics of Mike and Sulley. Toy Story was a particularly clever trilogy with regards to its timing – many of us will remember growing up with the first two brilliant films, and then the poignant revisit as we became the same age as Andy a decade later – and now with Monsters University, young audiences who caught the original will now be in university! As with Toy Story 3, nostalgia will certainly warm our hearts with our return to Monstropolis.

Monsters University arrives in the UK July 12th, 2013.


Vicki Dolley
Vicki Dolley

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